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✅ Improvely Review

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💡 TL;DR Summary

Improvely is a powerful platform that enhances online marketing strategies by tracking, optimizing, and safeguarding campaigns.

Its intuitive dashboard simplifies tracking and attribution, while vigilant click fraud monitoring protects ad budgets.

The platform's attribution system aids in precise optimization, and activity profiling offers deeper insights into valuable customers.

Improvely accommodates collaboration, compatibility with major platforms, and offers a 14-day free trial.

Despite some subscription costs and setup complexity, Improvely stands out for its comprehensive marketing analytics, access control, and fraud prevention, making it a valuable tool for marketing excellence.


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ℹī¸ Introduction

With a community of over 7,000 savvy marketers, Improvely emerges as a powerful solution designed to elevate your online marketing strategies.

This comprehensive platform not only empowers you to monitor and enhance your marketing efforts but also provides a robust defense against click fraud, ensuring that your advertising budget remains safeguarded.

Navigating the intricate landscape of online marketing can be simplified through Improvely's intuitive dashboard, which amalgamates all your marketing endeavors into one cohesive interface.

Beyond the convenience, Improvely delves deeper, precisely attributing each signup and sale to its originating source, thereby enabling you to optimize your campaigns with laser-focused accuracy.

This intelligent attribution system offers insights into the effectiveness of your various channels, granting you the ability to fine-tune your strategies for maximum impact.

One of Improvely's standout features is its vigilant click fraud monitoring. Employing cutting-edge monitoring systems, the platform meticulously examines every click for signs of suspicious activity.

The moment potential click fraud is detected, you receive instant alerts, empowering you to take swift action and protect your precious advertising resources.

By maintaining a proactive stance against fraudulent clicks, Improvely empowers you to channel your investments where they truly matter.

Furthermore, Improvely doesn't stop at optimizing your marketing campaigns and safeguarding your budget.

It goes a step further by unveiling the profiles of your most valuable customers.

Through automatic activity profiling, the platform grants you deeper insights into your audience, allowing you to connect with your best customers on a more personal level and identify opportunities for expanding your customer base.

Whether you work solo or collaborate within a team or client network, Improvely accommodates your organizational needs.

With team logins, customizable client reports, and a suite of export tools, the platform fosters seamless collaboration and reporting.

In a world where online advertising sprawls across diverse platforms, Improvely rises to the occasion by offering compatibility with all major online advertising platforms, ensuring that your tracking and optimization efforts span the entire digital landscape.

By combining conversion tracking and click fraud monitoring, Improvely equips you with the insights and tools needed to achieve marketing excellence while fortifying your campaigns against fraudulent activities.

This review uses data collected from Improvely's website, as well as other online sources, to help you decide if Improvely is the best link building service for you.

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đŸŽ¯ Target Audience

The target audience for Improvely is online marketers, advertisers, and agencies looking to track their marketing efforts, optimize conversions, and monitor click fraud to protect their advertising budgets.

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👍 Improvely Pros

  • Comprehensive Marketing Analytics: Tracks, tests, and optimizes online marketing campaigns, providing insights into marketing channel effectiveness.
  • Access Control and Collaboration: Facilitates team access and collaboration, organizing marketing data efficiently.
  • Click Fraud Monitoring: Identifies and prevents click fraud, saving time and preventing financial losses.
  • A/B Testing and Optimization: Enables A/B testing for campaign optimization and improved conversions.
  • Customizable Reporting: Supports white-label reporting, maintaining brand consistency in reports.
  • Affordability: Offers cost-effective optimization with split testing functionality.
  • Web-based Service: No installation required, accessible via web browsers.
  • Data Aggregation: Gathers data from diverse marketing channels in one platform.
  • A/B Split Testing: Allows A/B testing specifically for landing pages.

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👎 Improvely Cons

  • Monthly Subscription: Some features require monthly subscriptions, potentially increasing costs.
  • Setup Complexity: Initial setup can be challenging, demanding extra time and effort.
  • Limited Trial Period: Trial duration might not be enough for thorough evaluation.
  • Lack of Mobile Application: Absence of a mobile app limits on-the-go access.
  • Features in Pro Plan: Some advanced features are restricted to Pro plan users.
  • Lack of Demo/Tutorial: No video tutorial for user guidance.
  • No Live Chat Support: Lack of live chat support for immediate assistance.
  • Limited Language Support: Only available in English, limiting non-English users.

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📌 Improvely Features

The list below provides an overview of the features offered by Improvely so that you can very quickly see if the features you need are available.

➕ Improvely Features List (click to expand/collapse)

Conversion Tracking for Online Marketers

  • Track clicks, conversions, and revenue from online marketing in one place.
  • Gain insights into conversion origins for optimized marketing strategies.
  • Utilize traffic reports to identify successful channels and eliminate ineffective traffic.
  • Access segments and metrics like Channel, Referrer, Landing Page, and more.
  • Custom-built funnel reports reveal user pathways and drop-off points.
  • Automatic customer profiles with insights into behavior and value.
  • Built-in A/B Split Testing tools and click fraud monitoring.
  • Real-time report updates, export to Excel CSV, and import data.
  • Developer API for custom tracking.

PPC Click Fraud Monitoring and Detection

  • Prevent financial losses due to fraudulent clicks on paid ads.
  • Detect excessive non-converting clicks and repetitive clicks from competitors.
  • State-of-the-art monitoring system inspects ad clicks 24/7.
  • Recover lost money by preparing detailed fraud reports.
  • Impress upon competitors the risk of being caught.
  • Access comprehensive information about suspicious clicks.
  • Utilize IP WHOIS Lookup for IP address insights.
  • Export data to Excel CSV and import commissions from affiliate networks.

Keyword & Conversion Pixel Tracking for Affiliate Marketers

  • Professional tools for tracking commissions and campaigns.
  • Identify commission sources without separate referral links.
  • Safeguard campaigns with link cloaking on ad networks.
  • Cloak affiliate links to hide destinations from visitors.
  • Integrate with major affiliate networks and programs.
  • Compatible with Google Analytics UTM tags.
  • Supported networks include Commission Junction, ClickBank, and more.

White-Label Marketing Reports for Agencies

  • Elevate client satisfaction and revenue with white-label reports.
  • Provide centralized monitoring for all client marketing efforts.
  • Incorporate click fraud monitoring to safeguard ad budgets.
  • Offer branded access to Improvely reports.
  • Pay for one account and serve unlimited clients.
  • Customize access levels and services for clients.
  • Export reports to Excel CSV and import data.
  • Import PPC costs and commissions from affiliate networks.

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📌 Improvely Integrations

The list below provides an overview of the integrations offered by Improvely so that you can very quickly see if the integrations you need are available.

➕ Improvely Integrations List (click to expand/collapse)

Ecommerce Platforms:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Volusion
  • BigCommerce

Email Marketing:

  • MailChimp

👉 Read more about Improvely Integrations here.

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📌 High Level Features Summary

The list below provides an overview of the high level features offered by Improvely so that you can very quickly see if the features you need are available.

Cloud Hosted ✅
Self Hosted ❌
Mobile App (Apple) ❌
Mobile App (Android) ❌
Chrome / Browser Extension ❌
API (Open Link) ✅

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💲 Improvely Pricing

The list below provides an overview of the pricing offered by Improvely.

Price (per Month) $29 - $299+
Free Plan ❌
Trial ✅
Demo ✅
Pricing Link (Open Link)

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Here are useful links and resources for Improvely:

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đŸ’ĩ Refund Policy for Improvely

A clear, accessible refund policy is vital for businesses, demonstrating confidence in their offerings and readiness to refund unsatisfied customers. Improvely has a refund policy, which is summarized below.

No refunds for unused months upon Plan cancellation.

Discounts from prior subscriptions might not apply to renewals or automatic renewals.

Link to the Improvely Refund Policy

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📧 Contacting Improvely

You can contact Improvely using the following methods:

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❓ Frequently Asked Questions

What is Improvely and what does it offer?

Improvely is a comprehensive platform designed to enhance your online marketing efforts. It provides tools for conversion tracking, click fraud monitoring, and more, allowing you to optimize your campaigns and protect your advertising budget.

How does Improvely's dashboard simplify tracking?

Improvely offers an easy-to-use dashboard that consolidates all your marketing endeavors in one place. This simplifies the process of tracking and attributing conversions to their source, providing you with valuable insights into the effectiveness of your various marketing channels.

What does "Built To Optimize Your Marketing" mean?

Improvely excels in attribution by identifying the origin of each signup and sale, whether they stem from a marketing campaign or any other channel. This feature allows you to optimize your marketing strategies with laser-focused accuracy based on real-time data.

How does Improvely address click fraud?

Improvely's built-in click fraud monitoring employs cutting-edge systems to inspect every click for signs of suspicious activity. When potential click fraud is detected, you receive instant alerts, empowering you to take swift action and protect your advertising budget from wasteful clicks.

How does Improvely help in understanding customers?

Improvely assists in understanding your audience by creating activity profiles for each visitor to your site. This way, you can gain insights into the behavior of your most valuable customers, enabling you to tailor your strategies to better connect with them and attract similar audiences.

Can Improvely be used collaboratively?

Yes, Improvely is designed to accommodate various organizational needs. It offers features like team logins, custom-branded client reports, and export tools, facilitating seamless collaboration whether you work alone or with a team or clients.

How compatible is Improvely with different advertising platforms?

Improvely works everywhere you advertise online, ensuring compatibility with all major online advertising platforms. This means you can seamlessly integrate it into your existing marketing strategies, regardless of the platforms you use.

What's the advantage of using Improvely over other analytics tools?

Many users have found Improvely to be highly effective and efficient. Jim Belosic, CEO of Shortstack, stated that they've spent thousands of dollars trying to get Google Analytics to do 10% of what Improvely accomplishes.

How can I try out Improvely?

You can try Improvely for free with a 14-day trial. This gives you the opportunity to explore its features and see how it can enhance your online marketing efforts without any upfront cost.

How can I learn more about Improvely's features and capabilities?

To learn more about Improvely's features, you can explore its interactive demo, as well as access resources such as its product blog and knowledge base. Additionally, you can get in touch with their team through the Contact Us section for any further inquiries.

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⚙ī¸ Conclusion

The information in this Improvely review is presented to help you make your own, informed, decision about whether this is the best link building service for you.

How do you know if Improvely is right for you?

  • Improvely seems to be best suited for online marketers, advertisers, and agencies looking to track their marketing efforts, optimize conversions, and monitor click fraud to protect their advertising budgets.

You can use this data to compare Improvely to other link building services and to assess how well they meet your needs.

If you are considering Improvely but still unsure, we recommend that you research further by visiting their website, checking customer reviews, and social media channels like Reddit to see what other people are saying.

Hopefully, this review of Improvely has given you further insight into what they offer, and if the features they offer are what you're looking for.

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🔀 Alternatives to Improvely

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